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These Boots Were Made for Socially Distanced Walks

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

If you thought that socially-distanced walks meant boring boots , you might want to think again. Seeing as we have approx. 1358 winter strolls in the dairy, our Fashion Team have helped you out by rounding up 10 cool treats that your feet deserve right now. Expect to find feel-good glossy textures, fierce faux-croc details, and the boots that are set to make every trek look more ‘trending’ (even if you are only going around the block).

Need another reason to shop our boots? The price. Every style we’ve included below is now up to 40% off (for a limited time only). See you at the checkout…

black suedette lace up chunky biker boots

1. Black Suedette Lace Up Chunky Biker Boots - £17.99 £25.99

Biker boots, but not as you know them. February’s version of the classic biker boot comes with extra padding, comfier linings, and a suedette fabric to soften up all of your winter walks and – the best part – they have a £17.99 price tag.

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black faux croc elasticated knee high boots

2. Black Faux Croc Elasticated Knee High Boots - £19.99 £32.99

They’re vegan. They’re mock-croc. They’re part of our improved comfort footwear range. We can honestly think of a gazillion more reasons why you’ll love these knee-high boots, but these are probably our top three so far.

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black patent chunky cleated chelsea boots

3. Black Patent Chunky Cleated Chelsea Boots - £19.99 £27.99

Elasticated side panels for extra comfort? Check. Chunky soles? Check. Glossy finish? 100%, yes. It’s easy to see why you’ve taken such a shine to these black patent Chelsea boots. But, just wait until you discover them in must-have dark burgundy… 😍

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wide fit black suedette slouch knee high boots

4. Wide Fit Black Suedette Slouch Knee High Boots - £19.99 £32.99

When this knee-high style is concerned, there are literally 100s of things that we could talk a-boot. For example, not only do they feature slightly more wiggle room than our other pairs of boots (they’re part of our wide-fit range), but they’re designed with a slouchy fit, soft suedette fabric, and easy zip fastenings.

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black leather-look stud lace up ankle boots

5. Black Leather-Look Stud Lace Up Ankle Boots - £19.99 £34.99

Introducing the winter boots with a little more. From stud embellishments to silver-tone eyelets and updated buckle details, these leather-look ankle boots are wayyy more than just comfortable (they’re here to make every winter walk more ‘fashion’).

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wide fit black chunky knee high boots

6. Wide Fit Black Chunky Knee High Boots - £19.99 £34.99

Question: what’s cool, cute and can be seen at exactly 12 p.m. every day? Answer: you stepping out for your lunchtime stroll in these chunky knee-high boots. Plus, chances are, you’ll want to wear them over (and over) again when things go back to ‘normal’, so you might have to pick up two pairs.

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black suedette triple buckle chunky biker boots

7. Black Suedette Triple Buckle Chunky Biker Boots - £19.99 £34.99

In our eyes, icon Andy Warhol must have been thinking about our triple buckle boots when he said, “one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.” So, the next time we need an instant pick-me-up this winter, we’ll be putting on this pair.

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black suedette faux croc buckle chelsea boots

8. Black Suedette Faux Croc Buckle Chelsea Boots - £19.99 £27.99

We’re pretty sure that it if these mock-croc Chelsea boots sell out before you get to buy them, you won’t be crying crocodile tears – IRL tears will be falling down your face. We mean, with a textured panel at the back, how could they not completely croc 😉 your world?

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black elasticated knee high boots

9. Black Elasticated Knee High Boots - £19.99 £32.99

In dire kneed of the perfect pair of winter boots? You might want to call off the search. Not only are these black knee-high boots super-cute, but they’re registered by The Vegan Society and completely animal-free. Win-win.

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black patent lace up buckle boots

10. Black Patent Lace Up Buckle Boots - £19.99 £34.99

Some boots are not supposed to be glossed over, like these patent buckle boots. Honestly, it’s hard not to take note of their lace-up details and chunky soles.

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