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Ways to Wear

We’re Dreaming of Wearing These Getaway Looks

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Over the past year the saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ has certainly been relatable 🍋. Whether that was by tanning our legs outside our bedroom windows, celebrating the iconic ‘Coachella’ at home or giving the term ‘pub garden’ a whole new meaning.

It’s safe to say we’ve suffered enough FOMO from cancelled flights, but for 2021 we’ve got high hopes of enjoying that long-awaited getaway, whether it’s a staycation, *finally* heading to a festival or actually getting on a flight and enjoying cocktails on the beach instead of in the garden. We’re not fussy, this year we’re excited for any kind of getaway.

So, with us all eagerly filling up those blank pages in our diaries with long-awaited plans, we’ve rounded up 4 must-have looks to fit whatever getaway you’re currently dreaming of.

Chloe Wilshere wearing a blue poplin shirt, blue top and pink skirt

1. For A Festival - @chloewilshere

Oh, how we’ve missed the sound of booming music in the distance as you slowly approach that festival you’ve been oh-so-excited about. With many festivals across the UK already sold out, the music scene is set to be huge for 2021, and we can’t wait to see our favourite acts, get drunk and dance in a muddy field with friends.

If you’re lucky enough to have already got yourself tickets to one of the many sold out festivals across the UK, then we know you’re probably already thinking about the outfits.

This year, we can assure you, pleated tennis skirts are set to take over the festival scene. Pair one with a lightweight T-shirt, poplin shirt and some trainers ready to dance the night away. June 21st, we’re counting down the days…💃.

Emily Beth Brannan wearing blue gingham shirt, white vest and denim shorts

2. For That Long-Awaited City Break - @emilybethbrannan

We’re all craving a little bit of an adventure after a year of being in the confines of our own home. If a city break is at the top of your post-lockdown agenda, then you’re probably going to want a new outfit to take with you for all the city strolling and picture taking you’ll be doing 📷.

After all, you need the perfect outfit for that post-lockdown picture in front of the Eiffel Tower or whatever city you decide to head to. Luckily, Emily has the perfect city-break-ready outfit. Gingham is set to be the print of the season, so add some new season flair to your city-break look with our blue gingham shirt and style it just like Emily in a white vest, denim shorts and some comfy chunky trainers.

Danielle Vanier wearing black evening dress and black handbag

3. For Cocktails on The Beach - @daniellevanier

It’s safe to say there’s nothing we love more than getting dressed up for an evening of cocktails on the beach after a day of soaking up the sun, and oh how we’ve missed it.

Whether you’ve braved it and already got your beach holiday in the diary or are looking at dates ready for June 21st, then we know the next most important thing is,of course, the outfit. It’s safe to say, here at New Look, we know a thing or two about holiday style, so take inspo from Danielle and snap up this black shirred midi dress, some gold hoop earrings and must-have black sandals ready to pack in your case.

Alexx Hughes wearing sage green hoodie, white jeans and white trainers

4. For a UK Staycation - @alexx_hughes

This year we’re getting prepped and hyped for *any* kind of getaway, and if that means a girls’ staycation or a cute trip to the coast with your partner, we’re not fussy. - any kind of getaway will do this year.

We know British weather can be a little unpredictable, so if you’re planning a UK staycation, you want your outfit ready to take on whatever the good ol’ British weather throws your way. So, look no further than New Looker Alex’s practicable-but-cute staycation look. A sage green hoodie ready to battle the elements when needed, paired with some must-have white jeans and the all-important comfy white trainers.