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Who's Wearing What

10 Denim Icons to Inspire Your Look

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

The 90s have been inspiring our wardrobes ever since well…the 90s. They’re the one era that we’ve never quite shifted out of our wardrobes or buying mindset.

And one major part of the 90s that is back and bigger than ever is 90s denim. As our love of loungewear and comfort continues, when we do have to shift our bodies into clothes that are acceptable to leave the house in we still seek comfort, and 90s denim offers just that thanks to the oversized, slouchy fits.

So, in honour of our new much-appreciated love for 90s denim, we’ve rounded up our favourite looks from the 90s ‘It’ girls that wore them first.

1. Drew Barrymore

Easily one of the most iconic pictures from the 90s, Drew’s oversized double denim ensemble is one we think of recreating on a daily basis.

2. Victoria Beckham

Another double denim look from the 90s that we’ve never quite shaken from our minds.

3. Janet Jackson

Janet might have worn this look over 20 years ago, but it’s certainly one that all the influencers on our Instagram feed are wearing right now.

4. Cher

When we can next jet off, we’ll definitely be taking inspo from Cher for our airport look. Some 90s straight leg jeans, a black shirt and a faux fur coat certainly do the trick ✅.

5. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was the Hailey Bieber of the 90s. And this straight leg jeans, roll neck and shacket ensemble would definitely get Hailey Bieber’s approval today.

6. Naomi Campbell

Nothing screams 90s quite like a pair of cropped jeans, or shall we say shorts? Either way, they ruled the 90s and no one quite pulled them off like Naomi Campbell did.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Hello 2021 inspo 😍 Jennifer’s look may be one from the 90s, but it may as well have come straight off a 2021 runway. Slouchy denim fits and flip flops are set to be all the rage, watch this space.

8. Princess Diana

Princess Diana was an ultimate denim icon. And if you need some easy back-to-work inspiration, then look no further than Princess Di’s easy-to-wear mom jeans , white shirt, and loafer look.

9. All Saints

All Saints were pioneers in baggy denim, for them it was simply a case of the baggier the better. And these days the likes of Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and all the Instagram influencers are sporting All Saints-approved baggy jeans and cami top combos.

10. Kylie Minogue

It doesn’t get much more 90s than Kylie Minogue’s oversized dungarees . We might even consider trading in our beloved tracksuit for a pair of these…