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Who's Wearing What

22 Iconic Kendall Jenner Looks We’ll Never Forget

by Adam Fletcher

Let’s face it: when it comes to fashion-forward style, she’s possibly got the most iconic wardrobe out of all the Kardashian-Jenners put together. We mean, who else can pair a plain white tee with everyday jeans and make it look luxe? Who else can make us want to add Matrix-y micro sunnies and strappy sandals every outfit we’ve ever owned? Who else can wear a copy of Paris Hilton’s 21st bday dress to their 21st bday - and make it look a 2100 times better (yep…we said it)? Only Kendall can.

Well, as it’s her big day next week (happy 25th bday, girl) we thought it only totes apprope us to round up some of her most memorable looks to date. Expect feathers, fluffy coats and the frothiest pink dress we’ve seen.

Kendall Jenner wearing grey checked coat with blue ripped jeans and trainers

1. Checked Coats & Ripped Jeans

You can’t talk about Kendall without mentioning jeans. And, when she isn’t wearing her beloved high-waist mom jeans with a tee, she’s most likely slipping into a ripped pair and teaming them with a checked coat.

Kendall Jenner wearing black cami top and black trousers

2. All-Black Everything

If you were to opt for an outfit that features black trousers, a black sweetheart-neck top, black transparent sandals and 90s rectangular sunglasses (also in black), you’ve recreated one of our fave Kendall looks. Fact.

Kendall Jenner wearing brown oversized knitted dress and mid-heel shoes

3. That Chunky Jumper Dresses

Kendall def. loves that ‘borrowed from the boys’ feel, especially when it comes to her choice of jumpers. The knit featured here fits her signature style perfectly, thanks to its roomy fit, and we love how she’s worn it as a dress.

Kendall Jenner wearing pink tulle dress

4. The Red Carpet Dress

This one’s iconic for so many reasons: it’s bright pink, mini-length (yet floor-length at the same time), neatly cinched at the waist but also XXL in volume. Magic.

Kendall Jenner wearing high-neck python top and blue high-waisted jeans

5. Daytime Cool

Can we just crown Kendall as ‘The Queen of Off-Duty Outfits’ already? This look is just another example of why she is more than deserving of this title. We mean, this python tee with relaxed jeans and western-look boots is everything. 😍

Kendall Jenner wearing tracksuit with high heels

6. Tracksuit With Heels

These days, a tracksuit isn’t exactly new news. But, when it’s been deconstructed, reconstructed again, and then paired with the *cutest* white heels, it becomes ground-breaking.

Kendall Jenner wearing black mermaid style high neck dress with roses

7. Garden Fresh

Blooming marvellous. Who would think to wear a high-neck latex top under a mermaid-style floral dress for the Emmys? Kendall, obvs.

Kendall Jenner wearing black jacket and high-neck blue top with leather-look trousers and white trainers

8. Go Micro

As well as having a penchant for XXS sunnies, Kendall can’t seem to keep away from teeny, tiny bags. Worn with a pair of relaxed leather-look bottoms, ‘dad’ trainers and an oversized shacket, this is a look we are 100% going to copy. And copy again.

Kendall Jenner wearing bright green coat with fur collar and sleeves

9. The ‘OMG’ Coat

Kendall’s collection of winter coats possibly just as epic as her Emmy-ready one. And, we have to admit, due to its fluffy trims, leather-look texture and colourway, this coat has got us green (lol) with envy.

Kendall Jenner wearing pink feather dress

10. The Feathery Dress

Nothing says “I’m Kendal Jenner” like a puffy dress and pointy low-heel shoes. But, TBH, her Tiffany necklace and pompadour hairstyle also = classic KJ style.

Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival wearing transparent sparkly mini dress

11. Sheer Brilliance

When good style’s concerned, we’re often told that “less is more.” Keeping true to this notion, Kendall wore nothing but a sheer dress and heels to an event, and she looked super-amazing while doing it.

Kendall Jenner at the airport wearing lilac loungewear set

12. Airport Luxe

We’re all about an iconic airport look and, it’s plain ✈ to see that Kendall didn’t disappoint in this lilac, coordinating number.

Kendall Jenner wearing black sparkly evening dress

13. All That Glitters

Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover may have broken the internet in 2015 but, ICYMI, Kendall’s super-sparkly Rami Kadi dress (nicknamed ‘the loincloth gown’), also generated much attention at a Vanity Fair party in 2019.

Kendall Jenner wearing black puffer jacket with zebra trousers and white trainers

14. Puffers & Prints

If anyone can wear high-waist zebra-print trousers with sports socks and a cropped puffer jacket – and have nobody raise their eyebrows one bit – it’s our girl, Kendall.

Kendall Jenner at Met Gala wearing long orange feathered dress

15. Met Gala Takeover

As much as we adore 99% of the camp-themed looks that featured at the 2019 Met Gala, it was Kendall’s orange Versace dress was the most iconic. Not to mention her kiss curl and slicked back hair…

Kendall Jenner wearing matching beige leather jacket and trousers

16. Time For Tonal

Our doors are always open for a tonal look, and so are Kendall’s. Jenner has mastered the art of dressing in head-to-toe neutrals, and it’s a skill that she shows off wherever she’s going.

Kendall Jenner wearing multi-coloured top with black trouser

17. That Time Kendall Went Blonde

Okay, we’re not sure if it’s a wig, but we are absolutely l-i-v-i-n-g for this blonde moment nonetheless. The other things that make this look so iconic? The patchwork top and pointed shoes.

Kendall Jenner wearing white tulle dress

18. All-White

It’s true: her wardrobe is filled with an abundance of all-black looks but, when she does choose to wear head-to-toe white on a rare occasion, we probably love it just as much.

Kendall Jenner wearing black mini dress with burgundy boots

19. Just Walked In

A 90s supermodel + Lara Croft + a little bit of Audrey Hepburn = Kendall Jenner’s style right here in this very moment. Honestly, this is 100% the kind of maths we’re into.

Kendall Jenner at Vanity Fair party wearing little black dress

20. The LBD

How to make an LBD look and feel way more Kendall? Go XXS in length, XXL on the shoulders, and throw on some ruffles for good measure. Done.

Kendall Jenner wearing black logo t-shirt with red leopard flare trousers

21. I'm with the Band

Rock tees done the right way, Kendall pairs her band top with a pair of red leopard-print trousers, square-toe boots and hoops. Simple, yet so, SO effective.

Kendall Jenner wearing green glitter matching set of long sleeve top and trousers

22. Green-on-Green

Honestly, it’s v. v. difficult to make a glittery, fitted, all-green outfit look this good (we’ve tried). Kendall, of course, does it justice and doesn’t resemble Kermit the Frog in the slightest while wearing it. Skills.