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6 Ways New Look is Championing Recycling

by Hannah Rose, Guest Writer

Recycling Week

To tie in with national recycle week, we thought we’d share with you all the amazing things we’re doing at New Look to be kinder to our planet. We’re always looking for ways to help the environment and recycling is such a big part of that.

At New Look, we’re all about fashion that doesn’t cost the earth. After all, being Kind is at our core and we’re trying to do everything possible to create styles that not only make you look good but feel it, too. From using recycled packaging to making clothes from recycled materials, we’re focused on making planet-friendly fashion you’ll love.

In celebration of recycle week (which runs from 20th to the 26th September), we thought it was the perfect opportunity to fill you in on all the exciting things we’re doing behind the scenes to help our planet. From our closed-loop system to our Electronic Take-Back Scheme, we’re well on our way with these sustainable processes and habits. So, grab a cuppa, take a seat and discover the six ways we’re championing recycling at New Look…

New Look not using plastics

1. We’ve Closed the Loop on Plastics

Did you know that every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans harming our planet, wildlife and ecosystems? To reduce our impact, we’ve created a closed-loop system. In other words, all our carrier bags, online delivery bags and hangers are made from our own recycled plastic. Not only that, but we’ve also reduced the thickness of our bags, so we don’t need to use as much plastic in the first place. Just by doing these small things, it’s helped us to save over 500 tonnes of plastic each year. Amazing, right?

Recycled fabrics

2. We Use Recycled Fabrics

At New Look, it’s not just our packaging that’s recyclable. We’ve also looked at the materials we use and made these better for the planet, too. By using recycled fabrics, we’re helping to support a circular economy. This means that we’re using materials that already exist, helping to reduce carbon emissions, send less waste to landfill and slow the consumption of natural resources. Yep, recycled materials play a huge part. From cotton to polyester, metal and more, we’re well on our way to using fabrics that are kinder to the planet. Oh, and by 2024, 50% of our synthetics will have recycled content. Just wait and see…

Packing unwanted clothes into donation boxes

3. When You Drop Your Unwanted Clothing into Your Local Hospice Shop, You’ll Receive 15% Off Your Next New Look Shop

We’ve partnered up with Hospice UK to continue our mission to make fashion feel good. We’re currently partnered with 85 local hospice stores and we’re looking to increase this number. So, if you want to give back and feel good, take note. By donating your pre-loved clothing and accessories, it helps support the great work the charity does for adults and children across the UK suffering from life-shortening illnesses. It also helps the environment by reducing landfill waste. And even better, by doing it you can get 15% off your next New Look shop. How? Just follow the steps below…

1. Take your good quality, pre-loved fashion and accessories to your local hospice store.

2. There’ll be a QR code on the store’s counter – just use your phone to scan.

3. Now, simply fill out the form to receive 15% off your next New Look shop. Enjoy…

Recycling electrical devices

4. You Can Recycle Your Old Electricals with Us in Store

Yep, it’s not all about clothing you know. Bought a new electrical item from us? In line with the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulation, we can recycle your old electrical products free of charge. It’s been estimated that we throw away over 2 million tonnes of electrical waste each year, mostly into landfill. This equipment can be dangerous to the environment, so we want to reduce the number of electrical products disposed of in this way with our Electronic Take-Back Scheme. All you’ve got to do is bring your old electrical item into store within 28 days, show us the receipt for its replacement and we’ll do the rest. It’s easy.

New Look clothing donations

5. We Donate Clothes We Can’t Sell to Newlife

As well as Hospice UK, we’ve also partnered with another amazing charity, Newlife which helps disabled and terminally ill children across the UK. We want to create a circular economy within the fashion industry and this collaboration helps us do just that. At New Look, we often treat our employees to regular sample sales where they can buy products at reduced prices. Any clothes that are left over don’t go to waste though. Instead, they’re given to Newlife to increase the lifespan of every item of clothing whilst helping to support the great work the charity does.

Laptop donation

6. We Gift Second-Hand Laptops to the Vulnerable in the UK

Have you heard about our recycled laptop initiative? In 2021, we collaborated with to help vulnerable people in the UK get access to the internet, beat isolation and digital exclusion. How? By donating our second-hand laptops. So far, we’ve gifted over 900 working laptops to people who need them the most – including refugees, the homeless and people in care homes. As well as helping them during such a difficult time, by donating and therefore, reusing our old laptops, we’re also helping the environment by reducing the amount of electrical waste that goes into landfill. It’s a win-win situation.