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9 Trending TV Shows She Can Watch This Half Term

by Adam Fletcher, Copywriter

Looking for an instant pick-me-up? We can think of two: (a) it’s officially the start of the half-term holidays , and (b) we’ve put together nine trending Netflix shows that you need to watch while you’ve got nine whole days off. And yes, just in case you were wondering, that means there’s a new show for each day of the break, if you count the weekends, obviously. We mean, that sounds manageable, right? 😁

…Well, whether you’re in the mood for something magical to brighten up your days (shout-out to Sabrina), or just want to assess whether Netflix’s adaptation of Always and Forever is better than the best-selling novel it’s based on (…trust us, you’re going to love it), we have you covered with this round-up of the most talked-about shows. So, prepare the popcorn and press play…

sabrina tv show poster

1.The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4

Did you devote 2020 to catching up on part 1, 2 and 3? Cos, same. Keep the momentum going with part 4 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the latest instalment of Netflix’s highly anticipated supernatural drama. No spoilers, though, but thanks to the fun soundtrack and fashion (Prudence Blackwood’s wardrobe is goals), this might be the best Sabrina series yet.

riverdale tv show poster featuring veronica, betty, archie and jughead

2. Riverdale Season 5

Just when you thought that Riverdale couldn’t get more exciting, season 5 came along and changed everything. What to expect? Well, if the trailer is anything to go by, you can bet on seeing masked villains, possible new romances and, of course, the return of everyone’s favourite four characters: Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie.

3. To All The Boys Always and Forever

February 12th means one thing and one thing only – it’s the launch, and last instalment, of Always and Forever. Yep, Lara Jean and Peter will be back on our screens as of today, and we’re pleased to tell you that they’ll be bringing us the story of their adorable relationship. *Plot twist, incoming* But, some life-changing trips lead Lara Jean to question her decision to go to Stanford University with Peter.

to all the boys always and forever movie poster featuring lara jean and peter

4. We Can Be Heroes

Question: what would you do if alien invaders landed on Earth and kidnapped all of our favourite superheroes? This is the very dilemma that Missy, Wheels and Noodles face in this new Netflix movie. From the directors of Spy Kids, We Can Be Heroes is one for the whole family to snuggle up and enjoy this half term.

the baby sitters club tv show poster featuring main characters

5. The Baby Sitters Club

If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that nothing beats a good old reboot. And, trust us when we say, revamps don’t get much better than Rachel Shukert’s new version of The Baby-Sitters Club, originally produced in the 1990s by HBO. Expect 100s of sassy one-liners, all the latest trends, and so much more.

feel the beat movie poster featuring main character april dibrina

6. Feel The Beat

Picture this: you steal someone’s cab ride on the way to your Broadway audition, find out that the said person is your casting director, and then have to plead with them to hire you. Oh and, not to mention, you accidentally push them off the stage – which later becomes a viral video on social media. Enough said…

julie and the phantoms tv show poster featuring julie, reggie, alex and luke

7. Julie and The Phantoms

If High School Musical was your thing, then you’re sure to love this new Netflix original series. Fun fact: Julie and The Phantoms is produced by HSM’s Kenny Ortega, so prepare to be singing and dancing along to its *really* catchy tunes in approx. 0.02 seconds.

locke & key tv series poster featuring tyler and kinsey

8. Locke & Key

Locke & Key is being talked about everywhere, and for really good reasons too: it’s based on the epic comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabrielle Rodriguez, it has a super-famous cast, and the storyline is one of the spookiest we’ve seen for a hot minute. The even better part? Netflix has recently approved Locke & Key season 3. Win.

fate the winx saga movie poster featuring main characters

9. Fate: The Winx Saga

You didn’t think we’d leave this one out, did you…? Based on a group of fairies who learn to master their magical powers whilst navigating their way around love and the monsters, Fate: The Winx Saga is unlike anything else you’ll find on Netflix (although, in our eyes, Sabrina did *slightly* pave the way).