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4 Ways Celebrities are Wearing Wide Leg Jeans

by Chloe Wilshere, Content Creator

Remember when skinny jeans ruled the roost? Well, now they’ve had to make some room, and that’s because, over recent years, new denim styles have been joining them at the top of everyone’s ‘most loved’ list. We’re talking mom jeans, straight-leg fits and our new favourite from the 90s  that’s made a comeback: wide-leg jeans .

Wide-leg jeans are the hottest new trend in the denim department, and with our newfound love of loungewear , we can see why. Thanks to their free-flowing baggy legs, they still offer the comfort of joggers making them the perfect alternative for when you feel like wearing something other than your comfies.

We’re not the only ones loving wide-leg jeans either, celebrities everywhere arebeing spotted doing their daily errands in our favourite new denim style. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to wear the new wide-leg jean trend, then you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up 4 of our favourite ways celebrities are wearing it.

lucy hale wears blue wide leg jeans and cream jacket

1. Keeping it Chic With Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is the queen of wide-leg jeans - she was wearing them way before they were even ~cool~. As part of her signature style, Lucy Hale sure knows how to make a wide-leg jean look chic. So, if your look is more sophisticated and you’re after a way to jump on the wide-leg-jean bandwagon without dressing like you’ve come straight out of a 90s music video, then she’s the girl to copy.

Lucy’s wide-leg jeans are the star of the show in this spring-ready outfit. Shekeeps her wide-leg jeans figure-flattering by pairing them with a tight-fitting vest and a cream biker jacket . Then accessorises with white mules, layered necklaces and aviator sunglasses . A look that’s perfect for the not-too-distant spring and if you’ve got to head back to the office.

bella hadid wears grey wide leg jeans and black crop top

2. 90s Cool With Bella Hadid

In contrast to Lucy Hale, if looking like you’ve just come off the set of a 90s music video is exactly the aesthetic you’re after, then Bella Hadid is the girl for you to take inspiration from.

Bella pairs her black wide-leg jeans with our other new favourite trend of the season: vest jumpers . And we’ve never seen a combination that screams 90s more 🤩.

So, if you’re looking for something to wear that isn’t a tracksuit but you still want to feel on-trend and comfy, then Bella’s wide-leg jeans and vest jumper combination is the perfect look to copy. And lucky for you, we’ve got just the pieces to recreate this.

priyanka chopra wears white wide leg jeans, cream high neck top and cream fluffy coat

3. Priyanka Chopra Sticks to Tonal

If neutrals are all you know and you want to jump on the wide-leg jean trend, then look no further than Priyanka Chopra’s sleek, neutral wide-leg jean ensemble. It’s effortless, clean, and a look we can probably all piece together with items we already own. A pair of white wide-leg jeans are also a wardrobe essential to carry with you through the seasons. Priyanka styles them perfectly for a wintery day, but by swapping the roll neck and coat for a vest and denim jacket and slipping out of the boots and into some sandals , you’ve got a look that’s perfect for a casual summer’s day.

4. Coffee Run With Hailey Bieber

Fed up of your loungewear? Yep, on occasion, us too. So, take inspiration from Hailey Bieber and switch it up by wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans on your daily walk. Wide-leg jeans are just as comfortable as your beloved joggers, but make you really feel like you’ve made an effort for the day, something we’ve probably all forgotten at this point 🥴. Hailey layers her wide-leg jeans up with a yellow knit, longline coat and all-important for the coffee run: white chunky trainers .