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How Our Influencers Are Spending Valentine’s Day

by Ursula Sela, Copy Team Lead

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whilst it might feel a little different than usual, it’s definitely not cancelled. Whether you pull out all the stops every year without fail or usually give it a miss, we think for Valentine’s Day 2021 everyone deserves to celebrate and feel a little love. So, why not make sure this February 14th is the best yet? From the comfort of your own home, of course.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to slip on a pair of heels, prefer a bit of me-time or you’re craving a quiet date night, our influencers have all the inspiration you need – from the Valentine’s Day fashion to the plan. All you need to do is sit back and read.

Ready? Let’s go…

1. A Virtual Date Night with @wear.juti.eats

First on the list is a virtual date night. We’re all pretty good now at on-camera calls, so why not step it up a notch for Valentine’s Day like Juti and have a romantic meal in? For extra points, plan your menu ahead of time so you can both enjoy it like you’re together in person (and compete on who cooked it best, of course 😉).

The best part about a date night on camera? You can look fashion on the top and feel comfy on the bottom. We love how Juti has opted for a sleek square-next top paired with slouchy joggers and slippers. If you want to go all-out fabulous, throw on a pair of statement earrings to finish.

2. At-Home Cocktails with @whatwegandidnext

Whether you’re pulling out your dressiest dress and heels for the first time in a year or you’ve been waiting for your next opportunity to get glam since Christmas and New Year’s Eve, now is your chance.

For an activity you can dress up for and spend the whole evening enjoying, take inspiration from Whitney and Megan and make at-home cocktails. Whether you’re a daiquiri gal or a mojito lover, sip away the evening in style in seriously pretty pastels paired with heels.

3. Self-Care and Chill with @laurennicolefk

If you’re the queen of self-care or you’ve been needing a little TLC, spend Valentine’s Day like Lauren by treating yourself. And by treating yourself we mean going all out: throw on your comfies, apply your favourite face mask and sink into a bath so bubbly you’ll feel all kinds of dreamy☁️.

Because it’s a special day, we suggest elevating your loungewear with a new set that makes you look just as good as you feel. We love how comfortable and cute Lauren looks in these leopard print pyjamas.

4. Galentine’s Celebrations with @oliviaandalice

If you’re rounding up the girls for Galentine’s celebrations, either on camera or with house mates, then you’ll want an outfit to ‘wow’ in. I mean, that’s the best part of seeing the girls, right? Allll the compliments. For a look that’ll give you frills, take note from Alice and Oliva with a frill-trim dress (see what we did there?). And you might not be going anywhere, but now’s your chance to show off that new bag you’ve had your eye on – if you haven’t got one in mind, we’ve got the perfect option.

To make it a Galentine’s to remember - and feel like the good old days when you were all together - why not make a shared playlist ahead of time and get ready for the night on a call? It’ll basically feel like you’re all in one room and you won’t have to worry about carrying home a huge bag full of makeup and outfits once you’ve finished the night.

5. Cinema Night In with @ninaleacaine

If you’re used to going out to the cinema together for Valentine’s Day and wish you could be sat in front of the big screen this year, then Nina has a plan for you which is just as good: have your own cinema night at home.

Now, you may think you’ve exhausted the list of movies and series you can watch over the past year, but thankfully Netflix has loads of new releases you can enjoy together for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re both into romance or horror (or something else entirely), there’s so much out there you can enjoy that neither of you will have seen before. If you both have a very different idea of the perfect film to watch, why not pick one each and make a whole evening of it?

In the same way a cinema trip would be a special night out, make sure you’re dressing up for it. For you? A cute mini dress and heels. For him? An easy shirt and jeans. Now, all you need to do is make the popcorn…