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At New Look, we’re always looking for ways we can be kinder to the planet and our closed-loop system is a big part of that.
This means that all our carriers, mailers and hangers are made from our own recycled plastic, which helps to reduce our impact on the environment.
We're also championing recycled fabrics across all departments and have teamed up with four recycling partners to promote better care and disposal of items, so they can be recycled, re-used and re-loved.
Looking to recycle your old clothing? Click the link below to find out more.


We champion recycling at all levels, whether that’s in our local high street stores or at our warehouse. And when it comes to plastic, we recycle around 300 tonnes of it each year. ​

At our recycling hub, plastic is melted down to make the carrier bags you’ll find in store and the packaging your online orders arrive in.​

​​Our carrier bags are designed to be bags for life so you can continue to re-use them, and when they come to the end of their life, you can hand them back to us in store where we’ll replace your old bag with a new one, and recycle it, free of charge.

We choose to use plastic packaging for many reasons: not only does it use less energy and water than other materials, but it’s far stronger and easier to re-use than paper. Plus, its thin nature means we can fit more into each of our delivery vans.

On top of this, we’re continuing to reduce the amount of packaging we use year on year.

Our packaging pledges

It doesn’t just stop at our plastic bags either. Even our ‘new’ hangers are made from 98% recycled materials thanks to our closed-loop system.

How? Staff in our local high street stores box up excess hangers and send them off to our warehouse. Here, they’re sorted by quality – some are sent straight back out to be re-used in deliveries and others that are broken or have seen better days are recycled and made into ‘new’ ones.

Our closed-loop system helps reduce waste, too. We’re proud of our current 97% diversion from landfill rate, but are always striving for more.

We’re working closely with our waste-management providers to achieve our ambition of zero waste to landfill, so watch this space.

We’ve teamed up with four recycling partners, so when items are reaching the end of their lifespan, they can still be recycled, re-used or re-loved.

Believe it or not, 20% of the carbon footprint of a product happens after we've sold it. So we're doing our part for the planet by helping our customers to care for their clothes better, which in turn makes them last longer and reduces their environmental impact.

Here's some great tips and tricks on how to look after your clothes.

Our product pledges